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Peter Dixon Walks Bishop Lines
source : Mad Rock Blog | 1/11/2016
Performance P.2, Weight // Peter Dixon
source : Mad Rock Blog | 11/30/2015
A blog about optimal weight for optimal climbing performance. Peter is our educated foodtarian and is full of factual information about what we put in our bodies, and often I hear things from him that explain my body to myself. In the following, I’m going to put quotes where that happens. – MR Staff Your Peak Performance:  Part 2 – Weight Management […] Read more...
Scary Trad First Ascent // Molly Mitchell
source : Mad Rock Blog | 11/29/2015
Your Peak Performance, P. 1 // Peter Dixon
source : Mad Rock Blog | 11/17/2015
Peaking for Performance:  Part 1 – Mind and Body Whether you’re training for a big event, preparing for a competition, or getting fit for an upcoming season, there is no better feeling than being both mentally and physically prepared.  This way, no matter the outcome, you know you’ve given it everything you had.  In order […] Read more...
The Art of One-Arms // Zach Lerner
source : Mad Rock Blog | 10/2/2015
Since there’s still time to gain a little strength before peak sending season, I thought I would dedicate a blog post to my favorite training tool: the hangboard. Having climbed in the gym all summer, I’ve recently realized how weak my fingers are, and therefore, how unprepared I am for climbing on rock.  While upper-body […] Read more...
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