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Hitting the Campus Board // Zach Lerner
source : Mad Rock Blog | 8/11/2015
This East coast summer thing is still kicking my ass. While my motivation for climbing outside in 90% humidity is non-existent, fortunately, my motivation for training in the gym is in full swing.  I’ve been on a campusing kick lately, which is good because I’ve been lazy this past year and could use some strength […] Read more...
GUOLIANG: The Next Place You Should Explore // Mike Dobie, Christopher Miller
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/15/2015
Need a new climbing destination? Mike Dobie and Christopher Miller are usually on an expedition bolting it, and Garret Bradley is the one there to capture the beauty. Check out their bouldering expedition to High Alpine Bouldering in Tibet. On this trip Mike Dobie began a guidebook on Guoliang, and they brought Mad Rock ambassador […] Read more...
Denali, Alaska & Rule #2: Always Clip Into Something // Todd Swain
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/7/2015
In mid-June 2015, my wife, Donette, and I flew into the Pika Glacier in Denali National Park in Alaska. We had been to the park previously (Wonder Lake), but had never climbed there. The flight on K2 Aviation from Talkeetna to the glacier provided incredible views of very beautiful scenery. In less than 20 minutes, […] Read more...
Beat The Heat // Pro Zach Learner
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/3/2015
Zach Lerner talks about training indoors, which can be frustrating when it's too hot to jump on a project. Read more...
Vegan Power in the World Cup // Peter Dixon
source : Mad Rock Blog | 6/29/2015
Two years into the game, Peter Dixon is already 13th in the Vail World Cup. Read about his experience. #madstrong Read more...
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