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EpicTV: Jan Hojer World’s Strongest?
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/20/2014
He’s twenty years old, he’s German, and in the last two years he has gone from being a very good national level climber (he won the 2011 German bouldering championships) to crushing the… Read More
Juliane Wurm on The Circuit Climbing Magazine
source : The Circuit Climbing Magazine | 2/19/2014 4:49:00 PM
Jule Wurm Wins Hueco Rock Rodeo
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/18/2014
The MR Team CRUSHED the Hueco Rock Rodeo. Here’s what happened. Will Mott showed up with the Mad Rock Booth. This booth supplemented with 2014 Mad Rock catalogs, free KAVU tacos from Team Manager… Read More
Peter Dixon: Dark Horse Series
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/16/2014
Mad Rock takes the reigns at this years Dark Horse Championship! Competition. What does it mean to compete? I’d be willing to wager (at least in terms of competition rock climbing) the traditional… Read More
Rob D’Anastasio: Dark Horse Series
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/15/2014
“February 1st marked the fifth year of the event. … I’m happy to say I’ve participated in all of the Dark Horse Series championships since 2010. The cast of characters that make this… Read More
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