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Jonas Winter On The Road in Europe
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/17/2014
Eccentric German climber Jonas Winter talks about his funny, light-hearted climbing videos. 1) Jonas, you make amazingly rendered videos. What inspired you to make them? Are you in school for videography? Thank you… Continue reading Read more...
Todd Swain: Thirty Years of Grit and Grins
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/16/2014
  My first visit to Joshua Tree was in the fall of 1983, long before bouldering pads, sticky rubber and velcro closed climbing shoes were a glimmer in Mad Rock’s eyes. For a… Continue reading Read more...
The 16-Year-Old
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/7/2014
MR Pro Megan talks about ABS Nationals. The New Year of Climbing This past month could very well be the best one of my life: I had the opportunity to compete in both… Continue reading Read more...
VAN LIFE With the Mad Rock Team
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/4/2014
Follow Tiffany Hensley, her dog, and her van WallE at Team Manger & Personality Tiffany Hensley moved into a 2005 Dodge Sprinter, and since has been meeting with the 100+ Mad Rock… Continue reading Read more...
Obe’s Next Step: The move to LA.
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/4/2014
Obe Carrion moved to LA to make his next big step. Here’s a short reel of his life in LA. Prepare to see his thumbprint in Mad Rock’s line in Summer 2014! Read more...
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