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Mellow Rampage in WA // Mark Goldstien, Kevin Goradia
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/13/2015
“Kevin returns for a super mellow rampage in Gold Bar and Leavenworth in Washington.” Problems featured: Dyno 101 Obesity Direct 0:39 Unholy 1:26 God of War 2:03 The Hopeful 2:39 Hueco Crimper 3:25 The Hourglass 3:55 Han Solo Lightsaber Tournament Low 4:20 Read more...
Take a Peek at Rob D’s Training Regiment
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/12/2015
Training Regiment with Rob D’Anastasio Explanation: “This training regiment is designed to get in shape for alpine climbing season.  I began the training on 4/5, the same week as my first alpine climbing day of 2015, and will be keeping track of workouts completed and progress made.  The regiment will be modified as I get a […] Read more...
Night Session in Florianópolis, Brazil // Video, Rafael Passos
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/8/2015
Pro Team Workouts
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/7/2015
Rob D’Anastasio
Dr Lerner Sends Dissertation, Sends V13 Project, Heads East // Zach Lerner
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/5/2015
Last month I submitted my dissertation, defended my PhD, packed up our house, drove from Colorado to Maryland, and started a post-doc at the National Institutes of Health. It was a busy month, to say the least. Moving away from Colorado was a really tough choice. I value living close to the mountains and within […] Read more...
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