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Mad Rock Athlete Profile: Megan Mascarenas
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/25/2014
Watch this video by Victor Colussi to see how Mad Rock and it’s athletes are growing together. Megan Mascarenas is still in high school, solves Rubik’s Cubes in under a minute, and has… Continue reading Read more...
Christopher Miller in China
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/20/2014
  It was around 11PM the night before that we decided to go for a sunrise ascent of “Soul’s Awakening”, a beautiful multipitch route on the most prominent wall in Li Ming, China.… Continue reading Read more...
Meet Rob D’Anastasio
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/7/2014
  A glimpse into the life of Rob D’Anastasio. Robby is a veteran competition climber who talks little about his outdoor ascents, and has been a Mad Rock athlete since he was a… Continue reading Read more...
Rob D’Anastasio: “No Expectations”
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/4/2014
With over 20 years of experience, Pro Rob D’Anastasio thinks ”no expectations” is helping his climbing. I spent the last week of March bouldering in Joe’s Valley, Utah. Physically, I felt that there was little… Continue reading Read more...
Zach Lerner DWS w/ GoPro in Thailand
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/21/2014
Zach Lerner dreams of tall rocks over water while he bikes in cold Colorado snow. Contains footage of serious deep water soloing (DWS) from Zach’s own forehead. Want to see great climbing areas stay… Continue reading Read more...
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