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Redline Pro Review: Rob D.
source : Mad Rock Blog | 9/30/2014
To date, I’ve only had the chance to climb in the Redlines a handful of times, but a fresh pair feels good to take out of the box and put on your foot… Continue reading Read more...
German Athlete Levin Schilling Crushes Boulders
source : Mad Rock Blog | 9/25/2014
Two videos from athlete Levin Schilling. Mazinger Z (right start) – 6A Techo Don Pepo – 7A Danian – 7C+ Megamantel – 7A Klems Traverse – 8A Monos – 7C Pinturas Buldestres (sit)… Continue reading Read more...
Jonas’ Moped Adventure
source : Mad Rock Blog | 9/15/2014
After finishing school I wanted to spend some time traveling and climbing as long as possible. Buying a car was too expensive. So the idea came to realise my adventure with a 30-year-old… Continue reading Read more...
Christopher Miller, Mike Dobie: Alpine Bouldering Expedition
source : Mad Rock Blog | 9/8/2014
This past July, Mad Rock athletes Mike Dobie and Chris Miller ventured to a Tibetan bouldering paradise known as Dao Cheng. Dobie originally found the area on a scouting mission for more potential… Continue reading Read more...
‘Vast’ Produces Hojer Video
source : Mad Rock Blog | 9/7/2014
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