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Michael O’Rourke Sends Tattooed Teardrop 8B!
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/17/2013
Come back soon, there’ll be much more to come! Read more...
Euro Pros Love Holidays
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/17/2013
Guillaume was a general badass over holidays, as usual. Last time, it was dirt bikes. This time, it’s wakeboarding and paragliding. Boss. Now it’s one week in Fontainebleau then off to “Tout A Bloc”!… Read More
Blister Gear Review: 20 Q’s With Zach Lerner
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/12/2013
An interview about the shy PhD student who’s newly engaged and projecting V15. Read more...
Zach Galla on Youth National Team!
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/9/2013
Zach Galla nabbed 4th in SCS Youth Nationals. Atlanta, Georgia / Stone Summit Gym – Zach Galla crushing the final problem.  Read more...
Zach Lerner: V13 …And Then Some.
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/8/2013
When he’s not in the lab, he’s sending V13. Zach has sent Bear Toss V13, Exfoliator V12, and Unshackled Sit V11 (at about the same time Michael O’Rourke sent both the last two). Zach… Read More
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