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Peter Dixon Talks at PBR Competition
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/4/2014
Know who Peter Dixon is? He’s vegan, and lives in Medford, OR and plans to hit the World Cups. Mad Rock Pro Peter Dixon was local to the Portland Boulder Rally in 2012… Read More
Megan Mascarenas Dominates Gladiator Finals
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/3/2014
Pro Megan Mascarenas dominates the final problem at Finals during the Gladiator Finals at the Spot Gym, the final competition of the Spot Bouldering Series. Team Manager Tiffany Hensley takes second. Photos by… Read More
(ViDEO) Zach Lerner: Throwback to Magic Wood
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/2/2014
Tiffany Hensley – Power of Silence V10
source : Mad Rock Blog | 1/10/2014
Mad Rock M5 reviewed by DPM
source : dpmclimbing | 1/2/2014 12:25:12 PM
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