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Athlete Profile: Michael O’Rourke
source : Mad Rock Blog | 8/20/2014
Megan Mascarenas: WC in Vail
source : Mad Rock Blog | 8/11/2014
Hello everybody! I am very excited to talk about my most recent experiences of the 2014 world cup in Vail, Colorado. Being both born and raised in Colorado made the whole experience feel… Continue reading Read more...
O’Rourke in Elkland
source : Mad Rock Blog | 8/1/2014
Tiffany Hensley: Dreaming & Training With Two Jobs
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/28/2014
… It’s not so bad. Anyone can work full time and train hard for their projects. The other week I listened to Beyondtalks at a local brewery. TNF’s MountainAthletics program, with Cedar Wright… Continue reading Read more...
Athlete Profile: Zach Lerner
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/24/2014
A look at Pro Athlete Zach Lerner’s real job (aside from climbing in Thailand and sending V14). Read more...
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