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Megan Mascarenas: June Blog
source : Mad Rock Blog | 6/11/2014
16-year-old Megan just won 4th in the World Cup, and writes her thoughts about climbing. —— Over the past couple weeks I have put a lot of though into rock climbing as both… Continue reading Read more...
Zach Lerner: The Thailand Report
source : Mad Rock Blog | 6/6/2014
      While the video I made of climbing in Thailand was a good representation of the trip (watch it here:, I’d like to share a bit more about my experience. … Continue reading Read more...
Peter Dixon: Nutrition for Competition Climbing
source : Mad Rock Blog | 6/4/2014
 Dixon breaks down the reasons he drinks raw juice for his competitions. Due to the style of climbing that I was training for I needed to mainly focus on Power Endurance.  This is typically… Continue reading Read more...
Obe Carrion: Into Design
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/29/2014
  I’ve always been interested in design, and like everyone else, I’ve always wanted to contribute my interpretation of products with my own style, flair, and attitude to the climbing industry. Now, I find… Continue reading Read more...
Alyssa Erickson: Climbing Outdoor Ethics with Kids
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/23/2014
Mad Rock Team Member Alyssa Erickson talks about outdoors ethics with your family, and has some insight into what helps families get outdoors and stay stress-free. Here’s a part of her post on… Continue reading Read more...
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