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On To The World Cup! // Pro Peter Dixon
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/2/2015
Among the four MR Pros going to the world cup is Peter Dixon, who talks about competing with an injury, reassessing goals, and placing on the U.S. Team. Read more...
Plesser Brothers: LRC and Rocktown // Video
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/27/2015
Brothers Michael and Jonathon Plesser travel south for the winter to climb on beautiful, sweet sandstone. Read more...
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source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/18/2015
Guittoo Beasts Bishop, Rock Red Rocks
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/18/2015
Guillaume Glairon Mondet sending V12s in two famous bouldering areas in California. Read more...
Rob D’Anastasio: A Proposal For New ABS Scoring
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/16/2015
Dark Horse Championships & ABS Nationals 2015 Two of the most competitive American bouldering competitions, the Dark Horse Championships and ABS Nationals, took place on consecutive weekends this year.  There was some serious… Continue reading Read more...
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