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Jan Hojer’s Training Video
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/20/2013
How did young Jan Hojer train for these world cups? In the US, few athletes claim to train in disciplined fashion for major competitions. They just eat whatever and climb perpetually. But this… Read More
Jule Wurm Blog Post
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/20/2013
Jule Wurm won the Innsbruck World Cup. See Jule’s past posts here: Read more...
Panama Climbing Video
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/17/2013
Climbing is growing in Panama because of one man: Cesar August Melendez Castillo.  We’re very proud to support Cesar as he continues to develop amazing climbing areas Boquete, a beautiful city in a… Read More
Bonnie de Bruijn (CAN): World Cup Training
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/16/2013
How does Bonnie, who has  kid and is a full-time grad student, train for the World Cup in Canada.?Here’s seven key points. She responded: Training for the cup has basically meant incorporating circuits… Read More
Jan Hojer 2nd in Log Dragomer!
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/16/2013
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