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Jonas Winter Video: Siurana, a Place to Remember
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/22/2014
Climb2Heaven brings us another wonderful video of a climbing area from Jonas’ moped travels: Siurana, Spain. Read more...
Jan Hojer on Action Directe 9a/5.14d
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/22/2014
MIchael O’Rourke: The Old Projects
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/20/2014
“Sometimes you just have to walk away from your old projects for a little bit to get stronger and smarter and come back for the take down, and it will all be worth… Continue reading Read more...
Megan Mascarenas: Getting Back Outdoors
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/16/2014
As the temperatures in Colorado continue to get warmer, and the days get longer, I am psyched to get back outside on some real rocks! Keeping up this school, training, and competitions has… Continue reading Read more...
Rob D’Anastasio: “Newlin Creek, Colorado Bouldering”
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/14/2014
I spent a pair of consecutive weekends this April in Newlin Creek, an impressive area I hadn’t been before. The high quality granite boulders are scattered creek side among the pine tree hills,… Continue reading Read more...
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