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Zach Lerner: Pro Team in Vegas
source : Mad Rock Blog | 2/4/2015
Zach Lerner and the Pro Team traveled to Red Rocks, Las Vegas for some hard sends. Read more...
Power Your Dream: Gear Giveaway
source : Mad Rock Blog | 1/21/2015
Rob D’Anastasio: Winter Transition
source : Mad Rock Blog | 1/5/2015
Winter is a time when many climbers shift their focus from the great outdoors and into the gym.  Although the cold season may put a damper on one’s more preferred climbing pursuits, it’s… Continue reading Read more...
Guillaume Glairon-Mondet: Objectives for 2015/2016!
source : Mad Rock Blog | 12/18/2014
For a few months you’ve had no news on my blog, because I needed to review my approach to climbing in general, and also to the competitions. There has been much change in my… Continue reading Read more...
Peter Dixon: May The Force Be With You
source : Mad Rock Blog | 12/4/2014
In the movie Star Wars, Luke Skywalker must learn to harness the “Force”, a mystical power latent in all things, including himself.  In yogic practices, this power is often referred to as Prana… Continue reading Read more...
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