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Jesse Grupper Talks About “Peak Potential”
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/2/2014
Jesse Grupper on his blog: “Luke rolls into the gym on his wheelchair.  As soon as he comes in he stares at the 25- foot climbing walls in front of him.  He’s had… Continue reading Read more...
Michael O’Rourke: Two Videos
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/29/2014
Mad Rock Athlete Profile: Megan Mascarenas
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/25/2014
Watch this video by Victor Colussi to see how Mad Rock and it’s athletes are growing together. Megan Mascarenas is still in high school, solves Rubik’s Cubes in under a minute, and has… Continue reading Read more...
Christopher Miller in China
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/20/2014
  It was around 11PM the night before that we decided to go for a sunrise ascent of “Soul’s Awakening”, a beautiful multipitch route on the most prominent wall in Li Ming, China.… Continue reading Read more...
Meet Rob D’Anastasio
source : Mad Rock Blog | 4/7/2014
  A glimpse into the life of Rob D’Anastasio. Robby is a veteran competition climber who talks little about his outdoor ascents, and has been a Mad Rock athlete since he was a… Continue reading Read more...
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