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Peter Dixon’s recap of The Summer Comp at the Bend Outside Games
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/25/2016
As part of this years Outside Games, the Bend Summer Comp hosted its first annual outdoor bouldering competition. Good Life Brewery was the host venue of the event, which pulled in some of the top climbers in the US to compete for one of the nation’s largest cash purse prizes. As if that weren’t incentive […] Read more...
LA Trip 2: The Empowered Tour
source : Mad Rock Blog | 7/11/2016
Landing in LA on Wednesday, June 22, I was full of excitement for the coming week. I had been to LA with Mad Rock once before, and it was one of the most fun, exhilarating experiences.First, Los Angeles has an automatic enticement to it – glowing with tanned bodies, shiny cars,and sunny haze. Second, the people […] Read more...
Sarah’s experience: IFSC World Cup Navi Mumbai 2016
source : Mad Rock Blog | 6/27/2016
As I am lying in my bed, attempting to wake up, it hits me. I’m leaving for India in a matter of hours. I still can’t believe it! A rush of adrenaline shoots through me as I climb out of bed to finish my last-minute packing. Major euphoria hits when we arrive at LAX. OH […] Read more...
Making the Most of Every Inch
source : Mad Rock Blog | 5/9/2016
My name is Sarah Pearce, and I am an 18-year-old climber from SoCal. This year has been an amazing year of climbing for me. One thing that has made this year so special is that I was picked to compete in my first IFSC Bouldering World Cup. When I first received the news from USA […] Read more...
Our 15 Best Photos of 2015
source : Mad Rock Blog | 3/19/2016
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