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Juliane Wurm

Rock Climbing / Bouldering, Competition

At 10 Juliane's family took their daughter to a gym near their home in Germany. Since 2004, Juliane has placed in the top five in 15 world cups, five of those her most recent, and in the last one she placed 2nd. Now Juliane is crushing the competition, and she's pushing harder than ever, with a World Cup win in Innsbruck and victory at 2013 adidas Rockstars.

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Does your family climb?
My little brother (15 years old) also climbs.

Preffered climbing clothing?

What would you bring with you to eat on a long day of climbing?
Baguette with cream cheese, avocado…and chocolate!!!

Sounds mouth-watering! What are your hobbies or other interests?
Skiing, long boarding, and shopping. ;)

Haha. Who do you climb with usually?
Usually, I climb with my brother Alex or with my boyfriend Jonas. But actually in the gym where I train, there are always lots of strong people to train with.

Where and how do you train?
I either train in a gym in Wuppertal, or at my home boulder, in the attic.

Attic? Cool! What motivates you to train so hard and compete in cups?
I like to travel and to get to see so many different places. It's really cool to meet all the people coming from all over the world sharing the same passion. And of course I like the competition. If you train hard for a few comps and it pays off, it can be a satisfying feeling.

What are some frustrations? How to do you move past them?
It can definitely be frustrating to live in Dortmund. We have no rocks, but we do have mostly bad weather.

I move past them by watching good climbing films, and traveling to different climbing/bouldering spots as often as possible.

What are your current projects in climbing?
My all-time project is to climb outside more often. ;)

What are you scared of most when climbing?
Luckily, I'm usually not scared while I'm climbing.

What is your favorite climbing area?
Fontainebleau!!! Such a cool rock and an amazing surrounding with comfy gites [French for rented rooms]. Maybe it is also a good place to live one day...?

One day! What will you do in 5 years? 30 years?
In five years: studying and climbing a lot outside.
in 30 years: living in a nice place where the sun is shining all day long, in a huuuuge house with lots of windows, being busy as a doctor, but having lots of time for climbing and my family… good dreaming...:D

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