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Timy Fairfield

Rock Climbing / Bouldering

In his 30 years of climbing, Timy Fairfield evolved from a strong, disciplined boulderer outdoors and competitor in world cups, to a professional routesetter for even the X-Games, to developing new climbing gym flooring. After those years of witnessing climbing fall injuries, conscious of a lack in research on gym flooring, Timy and Brandi brought safer gym padding to the market and now teach falling technique classes. Today, Timy is now the Co-Founder & President of Futurist Climbing Consultants in Albuquerque, NM.

"THROWBACK" from Timy Fairfield on Vimeo.


Timy's Videos

Timy Fairfield Firing The First Ascent Of "Throwback" (12-4-15)
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