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Pro Competitors
Guillaume Glairon-Mondet 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering, Competition
Guillaume Glairon-Mondet (also known as G2) is a French boulderer who competes internationally in the bouldering competition level and ranks on the international level for outdoor bouldering.
Jan Hojer 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering, Competition
German Pro competition climber Jan Hojer is famous for his 11 8A and harder climbing day, the popular 1-9 campus and training video, and placing first at the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Innsbruck along with Juliane Wurm. He continues to climb 8B+ and harder this year. Watch some of Jan Hojer's other videos.
Juliane Wurm 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering, Competition
At 10 Juliane's family took their daughter to a gym near their home in Germany. Since 2004, Juliane has placed in the top five in 15 world cups, five of those her most recent, and in the last one she placed 2nd. Now Juliane is crushing the competition, and she's pushing harder than ever, with a World Cup win in Innsbruck and victory at 2013 adidas Rockstars.

Juliane Wurm on The Circuit Climbing Magazine >>

Megan Mascarenas 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Megan Mascarenas is the youngest pro on the Pro Comp Team. She placed with finalists in her first national bouldering competition in Colorado Springs, hers hometown, and after making the final round with 5 of the top female climbers in the United States she competed in her first IFSC World Cup. Now a regular competitor, it's hard to pull her away from her studies. See her Mad Rock Athlete Profile:
Melanie Sandoz 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering, Competition
Michael O'Rourke 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering
Michael O'Rourke has sent V15 and competes in the US bouldering scene as the young and upcoming dark horse. Living in Boulder, CO he competes with a tough crowd, but his mind-over-body beast strength helps him campus his way through even technical climbs both indoors and outside. Follow O'Rourke's climbing instagram stream: @orourker
Nicky de Leeuw 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering, Competition
Four-time Netherland National champion Nicky de Leeuw ("The Flying Dutchman") has climbed 8b and set the Guinness World Dyno Record in 2008 (2.8m). Nicky has a unique mix of talent in both powerful bouldering and sport climbing, and competes in World Cups for both. See Nicky's webpage.
Peter Dixon 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Peter Dixon is not your normal competitor. A health food nut and then some, he's not just vegan, but also the strongest non-meat-eater we've ever seen! He made a spectacular appearance at the Portland Boulder Rally in 2012 - winning against V14 climbing veterans with only V10 under his belt, and following up this performance by making ABS Open Finals "first GO".
Rob D'Anastasio 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Rob D'Anastasio is a passionate boulderer from Philadelphia with 20 years of rock climbing experience. Like many, he's traveled extensively to areas such as Rocklands in Africa to find the best bouldering in the world. D'Anastasio competes professionally in the American Bouldering Series as well as the Nor'Easter, The Dark Horse Series, and other pro-level competitions. His tick list has accumulated up to V14, but he always keeps sights on the next level. Read his self-reflection about climbing with a job.
Zach Lerner 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering, Competition
Zach Lerner has a few missions in life. Two of them: finish grad school for a PhD, and send V15. Zach studies, works, and puzzles over the fundamentals of physical movement both in school and in his spare time on boulders. Zach has been athlete with Mad Rock almost since the beginning, and he's never been able to stay away from big competitions or difficult projects and lesser-known projects.
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