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Pro Personalities
Obe Carrion 
Rock Climbing / 
Coaching is Obe's higher calling. Though he no longer competes, as he did in the wildly popular PCA series back in the day, Obe still holds a sacred understanding of the progression of movement in high-level bouldering. Like his words, his coaching comes from the heart. Obe has recently reunited with the community in his series of “NextLeveL Clinics” which has launched first in Southern California in 2013.
Tiffany Hensley 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering
Team Manager Tiffany Hensley travels and works in the professional climber network. An ex-IFSC World Cup competitor, she was also a World Games participant and North American Continental Championship winner. Grateful for the community that raised her, Tiffany is engaged to her Team, coaches locally, and works to promote philanthropic organizations in the strain of ClimbersAgainstCancer, HERA, the AccessFund, and WorldMinded.
Timy Fairfield 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Along with Brandi Proffitt, this compact nuclear duo builds safer climbing environments by revolutionizing gym and padding technology: Futuristic Climbing. Timy is famous for his X-Games setting, and many fell on his rose move-to-double toe hook masterpieces. After this, and many years in the industry, including being an ex-Team Manager at Mad Rock, Timy and Brandi built Futurist Climbing with a good friend in order to improve an industry where the limits of the professional athletes climb faster than the industry standards of safety.
Tony Reynaldo 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Master Shaper Tony Reynaldo has shaped thousands of holds remarkable enough to be distributed internationally through more than a dozen hold companies.When he's not wearing a mask and holding sharp tools, Tony is multi-faceted: he is also a dad, a gym owner, and has taught the class “Creativity: McGyver Style!” Tony's design-driven passion and international influence, surmounted by a loud Italian-like personality, bring to Mad Rock a curious creature full of aesthetic, and wildly functional ideas.
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